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Tom and Kyle's Comedy Action Hour is the second podcast from Boink Studios! Tom and Kyle discuss all things geek culture, including comic books, movies, TV, pro wrestling, sci-fi, and much more! It's an uncensored show, as the guys bring you nothing but fun from start to finish. If you're a fanboy or fangirl, then you'll love this podcast! For more content, go to

Apr 1, 2017

Episode 10 is here, and our intrepid heroes are ready to go! This time the guys discuss the pros and cons of Marvel and DC killing off major characters, only to bring them back six months later. CW's Black Lightning is coming, and the guys cover that as well as DC's established TV universe, including The Flash! But the fun doesn't stop there as WWE WrestleMania 33 is talked about, as well as the Unbreakable sequel. All that and much more! Lets go!

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